Information Security

An organisation’s information is an asset and like all assets it has a value. Information Security is about identifying the information assets, understanding the risks and what needs to be done to protect them and implementing appropriate security controls.
Our knowledgeable team can help you identify your information assets, any potential risks that could compromise them and your organisation and develop a plan to protect them from loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability.

Information Risk Management

All organisations deal with enormous quantities of information of varying types and in many different formats. The importance of that information to the organisation will determine what needs to be done to protect confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Security Incident Response Management

Measures to protect information are essential but what happens if, despite all systems and controls, there is a breach of information confidentiality integrity or availability? If that happens there has to be a timely and effective response as well as identification and rectification of the root cause of the breach.

Management Systems (ISO 27001)

A management system describes the set of procedures an organisation needs to follow in order to meet its objectives – International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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