Incident Management

Our core deliverables include:

  • Preparation of incident management plans
  • Incident management team training
  • Incident management exercises and simulations
  • Crisis media training and communications

An organisation’s response during the first hours and days following a major incident sets the tone for the rest of the recovery. What happens during the response phase determines whether the organisation survives and how much damage is done.

Whilst it is impossible to predict the cause of any major incident, there are certain activities and responses that are common to all. A coherent and well documented plan is essential to guide team members and provide a clear structure to the response.

Jermyn Consulting has developed a unique Incident Management Plan system based on recognised best practice and standards. Our workbook-style method has been repeatedly and successfully tested in real-life major incidents as well as tests and simulations.

However, it isn’t just about planning and testing. A successful incident response will need facilities and communications systems; we can assist in defining and implementing these.

Finally, if the worst does happen we can be on hand to assist, support or carry out a thorough post-incident review. This helps to understand root causes and what worked (or didn’t work) during the response.