Security Incident Response Management

Our core deliverables include:

  • Developing monitoring and review systems
  • Designing and implementing security incident response procedures
  • Preparing security incident response plans
  • Carrying out security incident response training
  • Facilitating security incident response test and simulation exercises

Measures to protect information are essential but what happens if, despite all systems and controls, there is a breach of information confidentiality integrity or availability? If that happens there has to be a timely and effective response as well as identification and rectification of the root cause of the breach.

A delayed or ineffective response to a breach can potentially do more damage than the breach itself which is why we work with our customers to implement systems for a quick, effective and orderly response. Using a variety of techniques, we help to set up systems that will identify if a breach has occurred and direct the appropriate response.

Practice makes perfect, as the old saying goes which is why we also work with our customers to test the response process in a simulated environment. This ensures that relevant issues are identified and responses rehearsed in a secure setting and the lessons learned can be implemented to further enhance security and reduce risk.

We believe in working with our customers, not for them