IT Service Continuity

Our core deliverables include:

  • Strategic Review of IT Service Continuity
  • IT Service Impact Analysis (SIA) and RISC Assessment
  • Technical dependency mapping (Matrix) and ITSC Strategy development
  • Preparation of ITSC plans and technical recovery plans
  • Managed ITSC recovery tests and incident response exercises
  • Sourcing of ITSC and recovery solutions and services

Information and communications technology is one of the most important drivers of organisational efficiency and a key component of competitive advantage. Organisations large and small are therefore critically dependent on the availability of core IT services.

IT Service Continuity (ITSC), also often called IT disaster recovery or simply DR, is a core part of any organisation’s continuity strategy. After more than 15 years of delivering excellent ITSC solutions to our customers, we consider ourselves to be experts in the field.

Jermyn’s unique methodology, Continuity Engineering, enables us to develop solutions that enhance our customer’s capability and build resilience into their operations. Our approach doesn’t simply identify recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). Using our Matrix tool we identify system and service interdependencies to determine recovery priorities and the critical recovery path.

We help our customers to develop truly workable recovery strategies and build plans and procedures that make the strategies work when needed. Last but not least, we can test both plans and recovery systems in simulated and real-time exercises.