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Jermyn Consulting provides expert business continuity and information security advisory services and nothing else. We don’t offer services which we then sub-contract and we don’t “white-label” services offered by someone else. However we do recognise that our customers often require related services and for this we are pleased to partner with a small number of selected businesses who can offer a wide range of other solutions. We work closely with our partners and can vouch for their professionalism and expertise. On the other hand, all introductions are on an “arms-length” basis and there is no compulsion to select a partner nor are any fees paid between us and our partners. You can be assured that our recommendations are based on need, not reward.

Our Partners:


Crisis communications

We have seen from both sides what can and does happen when crisis communications are not part of an organisation’s strategy. Carmel Harrison Public Relations help you identify all potential risks and develop a workable response in the event that the worst should ever happen. With a unique understanding of professional media relations and the potential damage caused by social media we use a variety of methods to help you deal with the potential threats.

Secure online document delivery and storage

Safe4 is a highly secure online document delivery and storage service that gives your business an immediate facility for getting critical documents to your clients. Following delivery, the documents are held in a completely secure online folder structure, available to your client, that you can set up to reflect the nature of your business.


IT infrastructure and services

We provide organisations with software licensing, client computing, data centre infrastructure, networking and security combined with all the services they require to design, implement, support and manage these solutions; on premise or in the cloud.

We believe in working with our customers, not for them